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If your company is like many organizations, today you’re running both Windows Server and Linux. You’re also probably managing them separately, because the tools for heterogeneous environments tend to lean toward one or the other. In fact, you could say that “heterogeneous environment” actually just meant two worlds for you to manage, since it’s hard to get full functionality for both platforms. As a result, you end up choosing between leaving one area undermanaged or purchasing more tools. More tools mean more complexity, and that means time and resources spent on the basics instead of on the work you really need to do.

To help you get past this roadblock, we’ve added new capabilities to Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS), expanding the options for Linux analytics and monitoring. Now you can use a single tool to collect, correlate and search on machine data from any Windows or Linux source.  OMS gives you a unified management experience across platforms, regardless of volume, format or location. Enhanced management of Linux integrates into your larger management dashboard, saving time and making it simpler to get the holistic view you need. Not two worlds to manage, one.

View of Linux syslog from CentOS and Ubuntu in Microsoft Operations Management Suite

Available in public preview today, Linux log analytics capabilities are based on a new Linux agent built using Fluentd, an open source data collector.  You can seamlessly onboard all your Linux hosts into OMS, including syslog and perf data for Linux sources. You can also collect alerts from Nagios and Zabbix monitoring tools. All of this reduces complexity and gives you time back.

You can watch the video walkthrough of onboarding the OMS agent for Linux, and learn more about this release from the Linux datasheet.  We’re excited about continuing to add features to OMS that will make it easier to gain control of today’s diverse IT environments. Visit today to get started!

Near real time performance view of Oracle Linux server in Microsoft Operations Management Suite

Our video walkthrough of onboarding the OMS agent for Linux: