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In our ongoing tour through the capabilities of Microsoft Operations Management Suite, so far we have covered log analytics and disaster recovery. Starting today, we will continue the tour with a series of blog posts on IT automation delivered from the cloud by Azure Automation. Included in Operations Management Suite, process automation and desired state configuration enable you to take advantage of cloud scale resources to improve operational efficiency and achieve consistent enterprise control across your IT environment.

Process automation

Manual and complex repetitive IT operations are time-consuming and difficult to automate. With Operations Management Suite IT automation, you can get your time back and focus on the high-value tasks you need to drive competitive value. Whether you have resources on-premises or in the cloud – public, private or hosted, no matter where – you can get things done from a single portal. You can transform your routine tasks into automation scripts with the help of easy to author tools, both textual and graphical. If you are already using PowerShell or local scripts and running them locally from your office, you can inject the power of cloud into your scripts by consolidating all your automation assets under a reliable and highly available IT automation service.

Operations Management Suite IT automation automates processes using runbooks, based on Windows PowerShell, that run in Microsoft Azure and can access any cloud resources or external resources that can generally be accessed from the cloud. These runbooks can also run on machines located in local data center to manage local resources, using the Hybrid Runbook Worker.

Desired state configuration

Deploying your infrastructure and application resources with the required configurations and continuously maintaining their state can be tedious and error prone. With Automation Desired State Configuration (DSC), you get easier configuration management, from the cloud. You can consistently deploy, reliably monitor, and automatically update the desired state of all your IT resources, at scale. Built on Windows PowerShell Desired State Configurations, Automation DSC can align machine configuration with a specific state across physical and virtual machines, using Windows or Linux, and in the cloud or on-premises.

Operations Management Suite IT automation allows you to author and manage PowerShell Desired State Configurations, import DSC Resources, and generate DSC Node Configurations, all in the cloud. These DSC items will be placed on the Automation DSC pull server so that target nodes (such as physical and virtual machines) in the cloud or on-premises can pick them up, automatically conform to the state specified in the configurations, and report back on their compliance with the actual state of the resources to Operations Management Suite IT automation.

In the upcoming blogs, we will explore in depth key IT automation features such as the graphical authoring tools, automation assets repository, source control integration, dashboard reporting and many more, that shall equip you with the speed and control you need in today’s heterogeneous hybrid IT environments. We will also dive into integrated scenarios, across Operations Management Suite, such as automatic remediation with log analytics and orchestrated recovery plans for site recovery.

Use this self-paced learning path to hit the ground running with IT automation capabilities in Operations Management Suite.

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