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This blog post was authored by Abhishek Hemrajani, Senior Program Manager, Azure Site Recovery.

Last week, we looked at how Operations Management Suite (OMS) and Azure Site Recovery (ASR) let you move VMware, Hyper-V, Physical, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) workloads to Azure. ASR’s one-click, application-aware migration solutions work across multiple hypervisors and multiple OS platforms, enabling customers to leverage Azure’s hyper-scale and elastic capacity.

Azure Site Recovery’s enhanced VMware to Azure functionality lets customers protect and replicate their VMware virtual machines and physical servers to Azure, without deploying any replication or orchestration components in Azure IaaS. The Enhanced VMware to Azure solution is designed to help drastically reduce the total cost of ownership and dramatically improve the manageability and simplicity when customers choose to deploy ASR to replicate, protect (or migrate) their VMware workloads to Azure.

The Enhanced VMware to Azure release builds on top of ASR’s workload-aware disaster recovery and protection solutions for heterogeneous and hybrid IT environments.

  • With no running IaaS components/appliance, you pay for Azure compute resources only when a failover or migration to Azure is initiated. Application data is replicated to customer’s Azure Storage account to ensure security and isolation, and virtual machines are provisioned in Azure only after a failover or migration is initiated.
  • With MSI-based unified setup of on-premises components, you can configure replication to Azure in a few simple steps without incurring the cost and complexity that traditional replication solutions entail. Our scale-out mode ensures that you can protect multiple high-churn workloads without losing the assurance of ASR’s on-going replication and protection.
  • With non-disruptive recovery testing, you can easily test the failover of your VMware virtual machines to Azure within minutes, and validate your workload’s performance in Azure, without any impact to on-going replication or the production workload.
  • With ASR-integrated failback, start replicating your Azure virtual machines back to your on-premises ESXi environment, and failback to the original or an alternate location when your on-premises site recovers from a downtime.

Getting started is easier than ever before. Here is our five-part video demo, which can get you replicating your VMware workloads to Azure for disaster recovery or cloud migration in no time.

Video 1: Setup and Register the on-premises Management Server

Video 2: Discover vCenter Server or ESXi host

Video 3: Enable Multi-VM Protection for VMware virtual machines

Video 4: Perform a Disaster Recovery Drill or Failover to Azure

Video 5: Failback to VMware Datacenter from Azure