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Monitoring the health of your systems and operations is an essential component of effective IT management. IT environments today are more distributed and hybrid than ever, and business applications often run across multiple points in the datacenter or even across multiple locations. With such a distributed environment, network connectivity is critical to keep the business functioning smoothly. Additionally, efficient enterprise-quality backup solutions are necessary to avoid business interruptions in this hyper-connected world. Having the right level of visibility and control into your hybrid environment to monitor performance and latency becomes a must-have capability. Today, two new features in the Operations Management Suite will be available for public preview that will enhance functionality for monitoring network performance and backup deployments to help you meet business needs.

Insights for network performance and connectivity

Monitoring the quality of network connectivity between your datacenters, remote office sites, or even critical workloads running line of business applications is a challenge in most IT environments. Conventional network monitoring solutions provide very little information about performance of the network as these are generally designed to monitor health of individual network devices. The Network Performance Monitor technology, part of the Operations Management Suite, offers near real-time monitoring of network performance parameters such as loss and latency. It enables timely detection of network performance issues and localizes the source of the problem to a particular network segment or device. Using historical trend graphs, you can easily detect transient network performance issues. An interactive topology graph allows you to visualize the hop-by-hop network routes and determine the source of the problem. Now you can confidently tell if a network issue is affecting your application performance without having to rely on your network team.

NPM topology

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Consolidated view of backup status

Many companies today are taking advantage of cloud backup solutions to securely protect enterprise data and applications without the hassle and complexity of on-premises solutions. Azure Backup, part of Operations Management Suite can further reduce time managing and maintaining backup deployments with this latest feature that centralizes monitoring and alerting into a single dashboard. Now, rather than having to go to each server to check the status of backups, you can see backup jobs and alerts across cloud and on-premises in one place. You can also configure alerts for backup failures and view the alerts or subscribe to email notifications, to keep you informed as issues arise.

Increased agility for your IT operations

These two new monitoring features support the goal of the Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) to increase agility for IT operations. OMS leverages Microsoft’s deep operations management experience to streamline IT management across any hybrid cloud. With capabilities spanning analytics, automation, configuration, security, backup and disaster recovery, OMS is a cloud-based management platform designed for speed and agility. As a SaaS solution, OMS can be set up within minutes, giving you immediate visibility across your environment. Now you can confidently tell if a network issue is affecting your service so you can immediately provide insight to your network team.

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