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Today, as part of the launch of Windows Server 2016, Microsoft and Docker are announcing an expansion of our partnership to enable customers to run Docker containers on Windows Server. As part of a new agreement, Microsoft and Docker will make the Commercially Supported Docker Engine (CS Docker Engine) available to Windows Server 2016 customers at no additional cost. Customers will be able to use a production-ready, fully-supported version of Docker Engine to build, ship, and run containers in Windows Server. In addition, Microsoft will provide enterprise support options for CS Docker Engine, backed by Docker.

“We are excited to bring Docker containers, the CS Docker Engine, and Docker Datacenter to the vast Windows Server customer base and ecosystem. We view this is a critical step to enable our vision of ‘write-once, run-anywhere’ apps that can be deployed on-premises, to any cloud, or in a hybrid architecture across clouds.”  Ben Golub, CEO Docker

Docker is a recognized leader when it comes to containers and container orchestration, with products such as Docker Engine and Docker Datacenter. We’ve been working with Docker to make Windows Server 2016 the most advanced platform for running containers. Windows Server 2016 natively supports Docker containers and offers two deployment options: Windows Server Containers and Hyper-V Containers, which offer an additional level of isolation for multi-tenant environments.

Containers are a key technology underpinning a new generation of cloud-native applications and microservices. We’ve also been working with customers who want to use containers to transform existing applications to take advantage of cloud architectures and a modern DevOps environment. A great example is Tyco, a leading international fire and security systems company.

“By containerizing legacy applications using Windows Server containers, we gain better consistency and control between developers, testers, and deployment teams—a full DevOps environment—all without changing the application.”  Matthew Roberts, Principal Software Engineer, Tyco International

As enterprise customers move Windows container workloads to production at scale, Docker Datacenter is a great solution for orchestrating and managing Windows Server and Hyper-V Container environments. Docker Datacenter delivers an integrated platform for developers and IT professionals to collaborate in the enterprise software supply chain, bringing security, policy and controls to the application lifecycle without sacrificing agility or application portability. A beta of Docker Datacenter for Windows Server environments is planned for Q4 2016.

Today’s announcements build on a partnership dating back to 2014. Today, Microsoft Azure provides support for Docker containers on both Windows Server and Linux, enabling the broad ecosystem of dockerized applications to run within Azure’s industry-leading cloud. In addition, Docker Machine and Docker Swarm are available in beta on Azure, and Docker Machine supports Hyper-V.

Getting Started:

Learn more about the work Microsoft is doing with containers at the Microsoft container page.

Download Windows Server 2016 for evaluation. The first version of the CS Docker Engine for Windows Server 2016 will be available for download at General Availability of Windows Server 2016 in mid-October.

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