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Hybrid Cloud Blog

Today, we are announcing the release of Microsoft BizTalk Server 2016. This marks the tenth major release for the product that has been in the market serving various application integration customer needs for the past 15 years. This release not only highlights some key on-premises application integration capabilities that help customers automate mission critical business processes, but also showcases our strong commitment to the hybrid integration platform.

We realize customers have different business needs – In addition to running workloads on-premises, many business want to run some workloads and applications in the cloud. Our goal is not only to provide flexibility and agility to our customers, but also provide a consistent experience whether you are looking to integrate applications, data and processes across on-premises or the cloud. With the release of BizTalk Server 2016, customers can seamlessly connect to cloud applications through Azure Logic Apps. Customers can now connect to SaaS applications faster, enable enterprise cloud messaging across vendors and partners, and take advantage of first-class integration with Azure services including Azure Functions, Machine Learning and Cognitive Services via the Logic Apps adapter – all from the comfort of using BizTalk Server 2016.

To learn more about why our customers want to upgrade to BizTalk Server 2016 and hear our customer comments about the new release, please check out Frank Weigel’s recent Azure blog post.