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This post was authored by Nick Burling, Principal Program Manager on the Enterprise Cloud Management Team.

Managing modern business services requires visibility across the complex interdependencies of your critical applications and supporting infrastructure. Yet IT operations teams currently struggle to manage the complexity of discovering and troubleshooting the interconnected services their businesses depend on. Today, we’re announcing the public preview of Service Map, a new solution in Operations Management Suite Insight & Analytics that provides this visibility by presenting your servers as you think of them—as interconnected systems that rely on other technologies to deliver business services.

Real-time dependency discovery and mapping

Service Map, which was previously called Application Dependency Monitor, discovers and maps server and process dependencies in real-time, without any predefinition, and visualizes application components, service dependencies, and supporting infrastructure configuration. This helps you eliminate the guesswork of problem isolation, identify surprise connections and broken links in your environment, and perform Azure migrations knowing that critical systems and endpoints won’t be left behind. The Service Map public preview supports Windows and Linux guests, in any cloud and on-premises, discovering dependencies for any TCP-connected process running in those guests. As part of the cloud management capabilities in Operations Management Suite, Service Map enhances your ability to track dependencies in your hybrid cloud environment, making it easier to manage the complexity of multiple clouds.

Service Map

Accelerated troubleshooting and root-cause analysis

In the most recent episode of Microsoft Mechanics, I showcase the new Service Map capability and demonstrate the ways that Service Map can simplify analysis of complex operational issues. This includes a hands-on look at how to automatically discover app and system dependencies to accelerate troubleshooting and root cause analysis when used in conjunction with other Operations Management Suite services like Log Analytics and Change Tracking. You’ll see how the new Service Map capability provides dependency-aware diagnostics and troubleshooting by integrating performance data, alerts, changes, and critical security issues with rich, dynamic topology views. In addition, you’ll learn how you can take advantage of Service Map to expedite your app and workload migrations, making it easier to shift to the cloud.

As we go forward with the preview, we’re excited to get feedback from you. You can submit your comments in our User Voice forum for Service Map. To get started today, create a free Microsoft Operations Management Suite account. Learn more about Service Map on our documentation page.

Service Map is just one of the capabilities available to help you gain control over your hybrid cloud. In addition to automatic discovery for application and system dependencies, check out a related Microsoft Mechanics episode focused on unified management across Linux and Windows Servers in hybrid cloud environments.