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Hybrid Cloud Blog

Welcome to our new Demo Tuesday series. Each week we will be highlighting a new product feature from the Hybrid Cloud Platform. 

Server operating systems, including Microsoft Windows Server, have traditionally been all-inclusive. When you install it, you get everything you might possibly want, baked into the OS image. That made complete sense in an on-premises datacenter model. Today, with organizations having much larger-scale deployments, things have changed. Size, scalability, and security have become critically important. Many of you have been asking for a different option—something small, light, and optimized for today’s larger scale, both on-premises and in the cloud. With Windows Server 2016, that something is here and it’s called Nano Server.

Nano Server is tiny

In the cloud, every gigabyte not used is money saved. So, rather than 13.2 GB, Nano Server has a ridiculously small disk footprint of 500 MB. It’s a new installation option designed specifically to provide infrastructure services for the cloud. You get only what you need and nothing more. We call it “just enough OS” and it’s ideal for many cloud scenarios. Take a look:

Built of the cloud, for the cloud

Nano Server lets you build slimmed-down images tailored to specific workloads, like a compute host for Hyper-V, a DNS server, or for apps using containers. No bulky extras. No unnecessary processes. It’s essential for cloud scalability and will help you achieve real benefits:

    • Lower storage costs
    • Less network traffic
    • Smaller attack surface
    • Easier to configure and manage
    • Much faster boot times

    Try it out for yourself in our virtual lab, and head to the Windows Server website for even more information.