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Welcome to our new Demo Tuesday series. Each week we will be highlighting a new product feature from the Hybrid Cloud Platform.

Smart security with OMS and Windows Server 2016

The flood of security event logs can be enough to overwhelm an army of system administrators. In the event of a breach, what’s needed isn’t necessarily more data, it’s better data for better analysis.

Get more accurate threat identification with larger data scope using Azure-based Operations Management Suite (OMS). This cost-effective solution helps you to turn enhanced event logs from Windows Server 2016 into security intelligence you can take action on immediately. Take a look:

By tapping into the new security features in Windows Server 2016, such as Device Guard and enhanced security-event logging, Operations Management Suite provides a huge upgrade in security out-of-the-box. Simply add the Security and Audit solution from the OMS solutions gallery, and you’re ready to start taking advantage of the deep security intelligence and take action to remediate.

This combination enables you to surface suspicious network activity that might otherwise be treated as background noise, and to do things like correlate it with users and IP addresses to identify potentially compromised accounts. Windows Server 2016 + Operations Management Suite helps you to:

  • Prevent and detect malicious activity
  • Detect vulnerabilities before an attack happens
  • Analyze and investigate incidents
  • Streamline security audits

You can rely on the intelligence built into Operations Management Suite and Windows Server 2016 to do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on keeping your organization secure.

Get started with OMS—activate your free account today and give it a try.