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Welcome to our new Demo Tuesday series. Each week we will be highlighting a new product feature from the Hybrid Cloud Platform.

Server Management Tools is a helpful feature of Windows Server 2016 that simplifies the job of managing individual servers across your enterprise—for both on-premises and Azure-hosted Windows Servers, from Windows Server 2012 through to the recently released Windows Server 2016. With it, systems administrators can easily pull up all the relevant information and tools they need to manage servers remotely through a well-designed, web-based GUI within the Azure portal. Take a look:

Historically, Windows Server administrators have often had to remote into each server manually to perform certain basic management tasks like seeing the installed devices or applying Windows Updates. Server Management Tools spares you the headache of logging on to individual machines manually by displaying all your servers right in the Azure web GUI. For example, you can click on a server, drill down, and view a list of running processes, make server firewall changes, and run administrative commands on the remote server.

Manage “headless” (non-GUI) servers too

Server Management Tools gives Windows admins a method to manage headless Windows servers as well, providing a rich UI from which to administer Nano Server and Server Core, Microsoft’s slimmed down, command-line-only versions of Windows Server.

Best of all, it’s free!

There is no risk, so give it a try and let us know what you think.

Get started today with the Server Management Tools deployment guide!