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When you are managing multiple resources across heterogenous environments, you need to make operations work for you. A few of the most critical areas you can improve efficiency in are service management, application management, and security. Join us for this on-demand webinar to learn how to remediate infrastructural issues, understand application health, and establish preventative security in your organization.

Nick Burling and Melanie Maynes from the Enterprise Cloud Management team at Microsoft will give you an overview of Azure tools that can help you increase your efficiency in 5 simple ways:

  1. Use Desired State Configuration to automate processes and improve your service level quality
  2. Monitor the performance and behavior of your applications and workloads
  3. Keep track of service changes that occur in your environment
  4. Track security alerts, missing updates, and malicious activity
  5. Bring app and server analytics together for dependency mapping and diagnostics

See close-up screenshots from the webinar below.

Set Desired State Configuration

DSC nodes status

App Insights dashboard

App Insights failed requests

Automation dashboard

Configuration change tracking

Security and audit dashboard

Threat detection map

Service Map critical alert

Service Map security issue