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Do you have a truly end-to-end view of your hybrid cloud environment? Most environments today are complex, with multi-tier applications that may span multiple datacenters and cloud hosting environments. In fact, the reality is that for most companies, complexity is the number one challenge in a hybrid cloud environment, according to the 2017 State of Hybrid Cloud research study. Not coincidentally, respondents identified unified management across multiple operating systems and public clouds as a top priority.

To make sure your critical applications and systems perform at peak efficiency, you need a big picture view that spans the different application components and infrastructure services, and includes the ability to act on insights and resolve issues quickly. The advantage of doing this deep level of analytics in the cloud is that you can have unlimited scale and flexibility with your log data, without the heavy weight of infrastructure to put in place. With management-as-a-service in Azure, you let us do the hard part of correlating, analyzing, and crowd-sourcing information. You can then use the insights you gain to start anticipating and resolving issues before problems result in business impact.

At Microsoft, our core management approach is to bring data from your applications, workloads, and infrastructure together in one place, then provide you the ability to drill down deep and do rich analytics. With Azure management and security services, you can pull data from multiple sources to find out if there is an infrastructure issue, if the network is slow, or if the latest deployment of your application is causing problems. Since we include built-in collection of log and performance data from servers all the way to application code, we can help you bring IT and Developers together to troubleshoot issues quickly.

One of the key technologies that can help you turn data into actionable insights about your hybrid environment is Service Map, part of Azure Insight & Analytics. Today we released Service Map general availability, a tool that automatically discovers and builds a map of server and process dependencies for you. It pulls in data from other solutions in the service, such as Log Analytics, Change Tracking, Update Management, and Security, all in context. Rather than looking at individual types of data, you can now see all data related to the systems you care about most, as well as graphically visualize their dependencies.

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