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Experience better security at the OS level

In today’s world of sophisticated attacks, simple perimeter security is no longer effective. You need multiple layers of active security to help you protect, detect, and respond to threats. Those layers are now built in to Windows Server 2016, allowing you to keep up with your growing hybrid environment and to reduce the damage a threat can do. In our new e-book, we cover this and other important reasons why you should consider upgrading as soon as possible.

Learn more about OS-level protection in this post, and read our new e-book for deeper insights about how Windows Server 2016 can help mitigate security threats to your organization.

Get the e-book Agility meets Control meets Security: 3 reasons you’ll want Windows Server 2016 now.

Agility meets Control meets Security

Reason 1: Better Security now starts at the OS

Let’s take a look at just a few of the common security problems Windows Server 2016 helps solve:

  • Protect against stolen admin credentials opening your whole kingdom. The admin account is the most powerful account on your network. You need to protect it with more than just a password. Now you can easily set tighter controls with Just Enough and Just-in-Time Administration.
  • Make virtual machines worthless when stolen. VMs offer many benefits, but they have unique security vulnerabilities. They are essentially files that can be copied, making them an easy target for attackers. Shielded VMs can only run on an approved network, making them worthless if stolen.
  • Stop malicious code before it starts. When malware gets into your network now, it can be challenging to track it down, and that’s if you even know it’s there. Now you can skip the whole step by only allowing permitted code to run on the OS.
  • Detect threats earlier with advanced threat detection and machine learning. The average breach goes undetected for more than 200 days. That’s more than enough time to do incredible damage. We’ve integrated smarter tools to help you quickly identify and understand potential threats.

Interested in learning more?

These new security features are just the start. See how you can improve datacenter efficiency, reduce costs, and streamline app development by upgrading to Windows Server 2016.

Get 3 reasons you’ll want Windows Server 2016 now