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Azure Backup makes it easier for you to protect your Windows Server with a new version of Azure Backup Server and the ability to perform on-premises system state backup, available today.

Azure Backup is less complex and less expensive than traditional backup solutions, where you would have to pay for the tape, maintenance and personnel of an offsite. Retrieving tape from an offsite location is time consuming, and the functionality of the tape is not guaranteed.

Cost-effective storage with latest version of Azure Backup Server

Azure Backup is a compliant and cost-effective backup solution that makes it easier to protect application workloads running on your Windows Server environment. As a hybrid solution, Azure Backup enables you to store data onto disk and in Azure. Azure Backup Server is included with the Azure Backup service, and you can use it to make disk backups for Microsoft workloads such as SQL Server, Exchange and SharePoint running on physical servers, Hyper-V or VMware. Azure Backup Server has been redesigned to reduce the backup storage consumed on disk, so you can have lower storage costs. You can use Azure Backup Server when you need to meet tight recovery time objectives (RTO) for restoring data from disk to your on-premises Windows Server in a few minutes. To further reduce costs, stop paying for an offsite location to save backups for compliance purposes and use Azure Backup to store your backups in Azure for long term retention, up to 99 years.

Windows Server system state backup to Azure

Azure Backup also helps you protect Windows Server virtual machines running in Azure, and you can even restore data from Azure to on-premises. Starting today, you can use Azure Backup to back up your on-premises Windows Server system state to Azure. In the event something happens to your Windows Server, Azure Backup can give you a snapshot of your system state, including files, Active Directory settings and certification services stored in Azure. You can then restore your system state from Azure back to your on-premises Windows Server.

Whether you are backing up data to disk or to Azure, you can manage your backups from the Azure portal. Azure Backup reduces cost and increases compliance by giving you a single backup solution that supports your on-premises or Azure Windows Servers.

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