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Find out how Microsoft Cloud Essentials can help you get the necessary experience, training, and support to make your journey to the cloud successful. Everything you need is in one place, and it’s free to join.

Your cloud transition is unique — your starting point, destination, and priorities are specific to your company’s situation, as well as your own career trajectory. Now there’s a single resource to help you map your journey, put fuel in your tank, and get you going on the road to success. And it’s free to join.

“Moving to the cloud used to be a question of whether, but increasingly it’s a question of how,” says Mark Winters, who manages the Cloud Essentials program at Microsoft. “Your company has its roadmap, and you have your own as an IT professional. With Cloud Essentials, we’ve created a hands-on, single destination for both.”

Cloud Essentials brings together all of the necessary components to make your cloud journey successful:

  • Product experience: Get the experience you need with free trials and tools for cloud products. Hands-on labs provide the instruction you need to master the necessary skills and keep you current with relevant technologies that are always evolving.
  • Solutions training: Free courses from Pluralsight and professional certifications through the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) program will help you beef up your cloud knowledge.
  • Career development: See what industry experts suggest for your cloud career path, and develop the skills you need to get there. Follow a learning curriculum at your own pace, with the flexibility to select the skills you need most to stay relevant. You can also find out what salaries are common for cloud roles in your geographic area.
  • Support: Whether you need help with Cloud Essentials, technical support for Azure or Cloud Accelerator, or a lifeline to your community of peers and Microsoft experts, you’ll find it all in one place. It’s either free or deeply discounted, depending on the level of support you need.Pro4_630x472

Subscribe to Cloud Essentials today. It’s easy… and it’s free.


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