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Hybrid Cloud Blog

Are You vConfused?

Naturally, I watched with interest yesterday’s VMware announcement about a new hybrid cloud service, but its left me stymied.  I’m scratching my head:  is their VMware-branded service something they run, or a partner play?  Forrester analyst James Staten described it as “more a statement of intention than a true unveiling,” and others in the press...

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VMware Zigs, then Zags

Today, VMware, as part of the larger “Pivotal” unveil, announced yet another zig in their already zig-zaggy set of strategy meets tactics meets marketing buzzwords.  Today’s news of a vague “hybrid cloud” future is just another example of how IT vendors have been rearranging the furniture to more effectively deliver what they already have on...

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Dear Windows Server 2003 – It’s Not Me, It’s You

Dear Windows Server 2003, Ten years ago, Microsoft brought you into my life.  You were new, fresh, interesting – the server OS of my dreams.  You dramatically improved Active Directory to truly enable single sign-on within my enterprise, and introduced me to Hyper Threading, IPv6, the Microsoft .NET Framework, and the key technologies that have...

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Be Careful of Cloudwashing!

Looking back at the so-called Infrastructure-as-a-Service announcement Oracle made a few weeks ago, I’ve been wondering if marketing in other industries might adopt the same approach to jump on the cloud bandwagon.   Looking to rent a large new flat screen in time for the Super Bowl?  By Oracle’s logic that would be Television-as-a-Service.  Perhaps mortgages...

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