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Demo Tuesday // Windows Server: Just Enough Administration

Welcome to our Demo Tuesday Series. Each week we will be highlighting a new product feature from the Hybrid Cloud Platform. Don’t leave all of your keys on one ring One of the new Privilege Identity controls in Windows Server 2016 is Just Enough Administration (JEA). It uses PowerShell to provide role-based administration. That way...

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Demo Tuesday // Storage Replica: prevent data loss during a disaster

Welcome to our new Demo Tuesday series. Each week we will be highlighting a new product feature from the Hybrid Cloud Platform. What would happen if a disaster strikes one of your datacenters? How much data would you lose? Hours, days, or weeks? And how many millions would that cost your organization? These are extremely...

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Microsoft and Mesosphere partner to bring Mesos’ container orchestration to Windows Server

Many customers today run a mix of Windows Server and Linux workloads. With the evolution of container technologies on both Windows Server and Linux servers, there is even more opportunity to unify these two worlds, making it easier to build and deploy applications using the best technologies of each. Later this morning, Ben Hindman will...

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Learning from Cloud: What does a server upgrade mean for your organization?

Customers often ask why it’s so important to migrate to the more recent versions of Windows Server.  Today we mark exactly one year remaining until the end of support for Windows Server 2003, which puts some urgency behind that question for a lot of organizations.  So what’s the upside to migrating off Windows Server 2003? ...

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Dell expands support for Storage Spaces in Windows Server with PowerVault MD3060e

A few months ago this blog covered Dell’s announcement of support for Storage Spaces in Windows Server with their PowerVault MD1200 and MD1220 storage enclosures.  Today, Dell has expanded that support with their high density MD3060e enclosures.  This enables customers to create higher density configurations. Storage Spaces in Windows Server virtualizes storage by creating storage...

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Today, Dell Announced Hardware Support for Storage Spaces in Windows Server

Today, Dell announced hardware support for Storage Spaces in Windows Server. Over the past few months, you’ve seen this blog discuss how storage is changing, and explore new options for datacenter and hybrid storage.  Microsoft is working to help customers transform the datacenter with the power of software, and Dell’s announcement is an important piece...

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Modernizing Your Datacenter with Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

Last week there was a flurry of information and activity around TechEd North America.  So many announcements and sessions, so little time. Several of the product groups posted information on what they have been working on, and we wanted to make sure and bring your attention to “Transforming your Datacenter with Software-Defined Networking (SDN)” on...

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