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Top 7 takeaways from Sibos 2021 

The theme of last week’s Sibos 2021 financial services event was “Recharging Global Finance — the digital journey evolves” — with the opportunity to debate how to recharge global finance and accelerate change for the better. It was a very fitting and thoughtful discussion, given the seismic shifts within the financial services industry. As we...Read more

Enable the next generation of patient care with Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare 

The connection between patients, care teams, and data is fundamental to delivering the best possible outcomes. Health organizations are investing in new care services, like virtual visits, home health, and remote patient monitoring, that allow them to connect with patients and provide an experience that is well-informed with essential health data. In meeting with our...Read more

Empowering retail’s real superheroes: Frontline workers 

Like so many of you, I got my first job in a retail store (after babysitting) and like many around the world it was my first introduction to the workplace. Retail always has been and always will be a people business with many employed on retail’s frontline. If ever there was any doubt about the...Read more

Frontline workers: The heartbeat of the manufacturing industry 

One of the clearest realizations made in the midst of industrial transformation triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic has been that global manufacturing is powered by the frontline workforce. The industry witnessed a sea of change: a significant disruption in terms of business continuity, operational visibility, remote work, employee safety, and the list goes on. Businesses...Read more

Closing manufacturing’s digital divide with industry cloud 

A few weeks ago I shared our insights on the 5 manufacturing trends driving the need for an industry cloud. However, many have reached out to me to say there’s an even more compelling reason to accelerate digitization of manufacturing data, and digitalization of manufacturing processes. Manufacturing’s growing digital divide According to research conducted by...Read more

5 reasons to attend the digital event: What’s Next for Sustainability 

It’s more important than ever to reduce your organization’s carbon footprint. When you take decisive action to set and meet sustainability goals, it’s better for the planet and for your business. At Microsoft, we’re committed to becoming carbon negative by 2030—and to empowering businesses and organizations to reduce their environmental impact as well. Join us on...Read more

Telco inspiration at the Digital Transformation World Series 

As I write this, the 2021 edition of the TM Forum Digital Transformation World Series is underway, with a packed agenda of live and on-demand sessions featuring an extensive roster of telecommunications business leaders and visionaries. I’m always energized by the DTWS and the numerous opportunities it provides to learn from and be inspired by...Read more

Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services: Accelerating innovation for sustainable growth 

The pandemic cemented the value of digitization and digital channels in the financial services industry—and created new expectations with customers and employees. In talking with our customers every day, financial services organizations have increased focus on how to accelerate their digital agendas to better serve their clients and empower employees, while at the same time...Read more

Experience “The Next Normal of Public Services” at the IDC digital summit 

We live in a changed world. Governments, businesses, and individuals have seen years of digital transformation take place in mere months. Innovative technology can help governments address complex economic, social and sustainability issues. But the scale and pace of this transformation brings new challenges and intensifies inequities in communities around the world. As my colleague...Read more

Omnichannel care delivery is becoming the next chapter of healthcare delivery 

In a post-pandemic world, where quarantining and social distancing may no longer be the norm, the emerging hybrid model of patient care will empower access to care for all and the changes will likely accelerate into the years ahead. Healthcare systems using an omnichannel approach are adjusting the way they triage, evaluate, and care for...Read more

Microsoft defense and intelligence at Pacific Future Forum 

Microsoft is pleased to be sponsoring a key event for the United Kingdom’s defense industry: The Pacific Future Forum. Delivered in partnership with HM Government and the Royal Navy, the Pacific Future Forum is one of the UK’s keynote international events of 2021. Learn more about the event and Microsoft’s participation below, and we hope...Read more

Developing public-private partnerships to address health inequities 

Health and vaccine inequities The pandemic has exposed long-standing inequalities in healthcare and created a stark contrast between the haves and have-nots. At the country-level, developing countries still do not have enough COVID-19 vaccine to cover the majority of its population. Within developed countries and specifically in underserved communities, vaccine hesitancy remains high and COVID-19...Read more