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Microsoft Industry Blogs


Explore the new wave of cloud innovation at HIMSS21 

It’s hard to believe another year of HIMSS is upon us and given the impact of COVID-19 on our society, we’ve all had to rethink how we approach connecting with community and engaging with audiences this past year. So, we are delighted that HIMSS21 will be offered both in-person and digitally—so everyone, everywhere can join together. As a sponsor of HIMSS Digital 2021,...Read more

Leveraging the value of our partnerships to empower Defense and Intelligence 

Microsoft has developed one of the largest technology ecosystem in the world, which provides opportunities for our partners in the defense industrial base to digitally transform and deliver mission capability. With our partners we seek to: Help securely advance missions across land, sea, air, space, and cyberspace to promote stability and security for people, nations,...Read more

Physical meets digital on Walmart Canada shelves, with SES-imagotag IoT technology 

With shoppers returning to the stores, retail investments are flowing to omnichannel priorities to digitize stores, support frontline workforce across all channels, connect inventories across platforms, and accelerate fulfillment. Recent research conducted by The Economist shows that retailer respondents saw the pace of, and investment in, digital transformation accelerate during the pandemic.1 Improving the customer...Read more

How data is transforming the automotive retail experience 

Driving is data. By 2030, virtually all new cars will be connected devices, datacenters on wheels. For drivers, those lights and gauges on the dashboard, images on the screen, and cameras mean it’s safer and more efficient than ever to get around the block or across the country. Cars do just about everything these days...Read more

Empowering better care, everywhere, for everyone with Retail+Health 

Over the past year, the pandemic fundamentally changed several industries and impacted the means of consumption and distribution for goods and services globally. With the introduction of social distancing, the decline of indoor interactions and transactions, and unparalleled strain on hospital capacity and care teams, both retailers and health providers had to transform traditional business...Read more

Governments and the Cloud—4 key benefits of using Hybrid Cloud 

Clouds are ever evolving. In technology terms, we generally think of it as a ‘hyperscale cloud’, built with near infinite scale and almost limitless possibilities. The pragmatic reality of adopting cloud, especially within government, is shades of grey in nature. Alongside the challenges of simply ‘adopting the technology’ come political, policy, privacy, and regulatory requirements...Read more

5 manufacturing trends driving the need for an industry cloud 

2020 has been a year that we will not soon forget, filled with unimaginable change caused by the pandemic. The manufacturing industry witnessed a sea change: a significant disruption in terms of business continuity, operational visibility, remote work, employee safety, and the list goes on. However, businesses have responded and are continually adapting as we...Read more

Explore the potential of AI and NLP to transform healthcare 

From the simple intimacy of a bedside conversation between a provider and a patient to the vast complexities of the global healthcare industry, data streams. A provider’s transcribed notes, statistics from clinical trials, genomics data sets, and imaging reports that shines light on the invisible, all of it, and more, flood the system with information....Read more

AI at the tactical edge for search & rescue operations 

In the 1960s, military strategist John Boyd developed the concept of OODA – Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. This combat philosophy emphasized agility over brute force: If you see more, understand better, decide faster, and react more quickly than an adversary, you likely win. Boyd died in 1997, well before anyone had heard the term “edge...Read more

5 ways Media and Telco organizations have transformed 

As Microsoft’s fiscal year 2021 comes to an end, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank our customers, our partners, and the media & entertainment and telecommunications communities at large for what has been an amazing journey over the last 12 months.  Your commitment to the ongoing transformation of these two industries—and what we’ve...Read more

3 key outcomes of a more collaborative government 

As governments worldwide consider how best to safely welcome a majority of their employees back to the workplace, a fair question is how much that in-person interaction adds to the digital collaboration that has taken place over the past year. In other words, what exactly does it mean to facilitate collaboration within, and between government...Read more