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High-performance computing for accelerated vehicle innovation 

6 min read

High-performance computing (HPC) is a set of computing, networking, and storage resources integrated and orchestrated to optimize workloads or applications in cloud-enabled environments. HPC enables optimization and orchestration of on-demand central processing unit (CPU), graphics processing unit (GPU), and other computing resources needed to run intensive jobs or workloads. An organization has several options available…Read more

Microsoft brings leading automotive, mobility, and transportation solutions to CES 

4 min read

There is an abundance of transformation taking place across the automotive ecosystem. By 2030, fully 50 percent of the automotive industry’s projected $6.6 trillion in revenue will come from disruptive technology or business models1. Traditional industry players are being disrupted, fueling the shift to electric and digital. The industry shared goals of innovation are being…Read more

Autonomous drivers—Start your engines! 

3 min read

At the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway, it’s certainly not unusual to see the sleek, aerodynamic shape of an Indy racecar exploring the limits of the track piloted by one of the world’s best and fastest drivers. But to see the same, without a driver? As an automotive enthusiast and racing fan myself, this one caught…Read more