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AI at the tactical edge for search & rescue operations 

In the 1960s, military strategist John Boyd developed the concept of OODA – Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. This combat philosophy emphasized agility over brute force: If you see more, understand better, decide faster, and react more quickly than an adversary, you likely win. Boyd died in 1997, well before anyone had heard the term “edge...Read more

Microsoft’s “intelligence-led, first response” approach featured at anti-terrorism conference 

Our World Wide and Time Zone Public Safety and National Security (PSNS) representatives participated in a great PSNS event in Japan on October 14–16. The Japan subsidiary arranged for Microsoft to take part in the Special Equipment Exhibition and Conference for Anti-Terrorism (SEECAT) with our partners Genetec Japan and KAGA Solutions Network....Read more

13th annual CIO Summit showcases smart technologies 

On September 3, 2015, Singapore’s Ministry of Defense (MINDEF) and the Defense Science & Technology Agency (DSTA) hosted the 13th annual CIO Summit at Singapore University of Technology & Design. The conference coincided with the MINDEF PRIDE day, whose theme this year was “Smart Nation, Smart Defense.”...Read more

WPC and MGX: Circling up to celebrate achievements and plan for new ones 

Every summer, Microsoft hosts its Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) and Microsoft Global Exchange (MGX) to thank our partners and our employees around the world. We celebrate the successes we achieve together and reaffirm our commitment to the wider Microsoft partner community. It’s a time to be inspired by new innovations and new business strategies. I...Read more