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Microsoft Industry Blogs


Supporting the manufacturing community during this challenging time 

We are hearing from our manufacturing customers around the globe about how the outbreak of COVID-19 is creating new challenges as they work to handle drastic shifts in materials supply and customer demand, and manage factory closures, while contributing to the production of critical supplies to first-line responders across the globe.  While many manufacturers face challenging disruptions to supply...Read more

How manufacturers became world leaders in IoT adoption 

  This blog is the first in a series highlighting our newest research, IoT Signals. Each week will feature a new top-of-mind topic to provide insights into the current state of IoT adoption across industries, how business leaders can develop their own IoT strategies, and why companies should use IoT to improve service to partners...Read more

Future workforce: Insights on disruption, transformation, and AI’s role 

Digital transformation is upon us, and every industry and every business is part of it. Change is happening fast and many, if not all, industries are being redefined. Manufacturing, especially, has huge gains to realize from this disruption, as advanced technologies like IoT, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, mixed reality, digital twins, and blockchain empower...Read more

From disruption to opportunity: How digital is transforming the future of oil and gas 

I recently had the great pleasure of participating in the ONS 2018 conference in Norway, where the who’s who of energy gathered to discuss the future oil and gas landscape. During the event, my colleagues and I explored how the current wave of digitalization is changing ecosystems around the energy business. It was especially rewarding...Read more