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Holiday 2020: Five consumer habits that are transforming retail 

4 min read

2020 has already triggered unprecedented agility and innovation from retailers, but the year’s greatest test comes as the holidays approach. Even the most reliable shopping patterns have transformed as consumers keep safety and convenience top of mind. Their holiday plans won’t look the same, but they’re still searching for ways to spread cheer. Now is…Read more

Winning the modern-day consumer in the world of consumer goods 

2 min read

Eighty percent of consumer goods CEOs think their operating model is at risk.1 Why is that? Simply put, given how fast consumer preferences and the retail landscape are evolving, consumer goods businesses are being challenged to keep pace like never before. Consumer motivations and expectations are rapidly evolving. Good for me and good for the…Read more

Think outside the retail box (and bag and cart) 

1 min read

In the current “experience economy,” where the most important currency is social currency, the ability to provide an Instagram-worthy experience is priceless. Learn more about how you can reimagine retail, and how technology fits in….Read more