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Microsoft Industry Blogs

Top Reasons to Meet with Microsoft at NRF 2018 

See and discuss the newest retail innovations with Microsoft and its partners at NRF 2018, the National Retail Federation’s annual convention and tech expo....Read more

Trending at HITEC: new hotel ops and guest experience innovations 

Technology is the key to providing deeply personal hotel stays and service, as well as improving hotel operational efficiency and creating new revenue streams....Read more

Trending in the air travel industry: digital transformation 

Microsoft’s Greg Jones highlights the top technology trends and innovations for driving digital transformation in the air travel industry....Read more

ExpressJet lightens pilots’ loads, goes digital with Windows 10 

Airlines are opting to digitize the Electronic Flight Bag, and for ExpressJet going digital is game-changing for its pilots....Read more

How “smart” tablets are changing the dining experience 

The restaurant industry is turning to technology to enhance the guest experience. Devices like tablets, placed at the table, can make guests’ dining experience more enjoyable, with a ready source of tableside entertainment and dining suggestions...Read more

Tech Report: What’s next for the airline industry 

Beyond in-flight entertainment and the passenger experience, it was clear that the industry is also focused on extending the benefits of today’s technology innovations into all areas of their operations—on the ground and in the cockpit....Read more

Best of HITEC 2015: Top 5 takeaways 

Last month I had the opportunity to travel to Austin with our hospitality industry team to join the more than 6,000 participants at this year’s HITEC technology conference. I think this year’s record attendance, its record number of exhibitors, the volume of interest, the showcases, even Microsoft’s level of activity to some extent, were all...Read more

Top reasons to meet with Microsoft at HITEC 2015! 

Today’s advancements in sensors, mobility, devices, connectivity, and data insights have created a powerful combination that can unlock business value, drive innovation, and transform guest experiences....Read more

Hotel in-room innovation: How to redefine today’s guest experience 

Watch this webcast talking about how hoteliers can differentiate their brands through in-room innovation....Read more

How to differentiate your guests’ dining experience through digital tableside ordering 

We’re all seeing it. More of our basic consumer experiences include technology in one way, shape or form: mobile apps, loyalty, enhanced point-of-sale and direct customer engagement....Read more