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Microsoft’s confidential computing improves security for banks 

3 min read

Air travel is a big part of my role at Microsoft. Being on planes for hours allows me to get a lot of work done without much interruption. One thing I always install before I touch my surface keyboard is the privacy screen. Unless someone is just about sitting in my seat with me, the…Read more

Powering mobile fraud detection on Azure at scale 

2 min read

Technology decisions involving scalability require a modern cloud-based infrastructure to handle the ever-increasing volume. The Microsoft Azure platform is quickly becoming the trusted cloud for the banking industry….Read more

Open Banking and the API Ecosystem 

3 min read

Howard Bush, Principal Banking and Capital Markets Lead at Microsoft, provides insights on the latest Fintech innovations in banking….Read more

The latest trends in the Banking Landscape 

5 min read

In this interview with Microsoft’s Wayne Bartlett, learn more about the latest banking trends. Banks are moving cautiously towards digital transformation….Read more