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Microsoft Industry Blogs


The modern travel experience 

The modern travel experience encompasses everything from the moment the guest books their transport and accommodation, to the moment they arrive home after their holiday. Microsoft and its partners are exploring how technology can be integrated at all customer interaction points to provide a seamless and connected holiday experience....Read more

Making the store more compelling 

Powerful analytical data is becoming vital to retailers worldwide. We hear from AVA Retail’s Atul Hirpara about how sensors, depth-sensing cameras and more can provide the in-store analytics retailers need to transform the shopping experience....Read more

Going global 

Guiding your way around large and crowded indoor venues, such as shopping malls, sports stadiums, museums, convention centers and hospitals, can be difficult. Signage is often ineffective and the global positioning technologies built into mobiles cannot be used indoors because they require a clear satellite signal to work effectively. Today, many companies are realizing the...Read more

Accelerating speed to market 

Technology accelerator programs, which provide start-ups with the technology, funding and advisory resources they need to speed up their entry to market, are fast becoming a staple in financial services markets across the globe....Read more