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The future of field service 

2 min read

Earlier this year, Microsoft launched its latest wave of Dynamics CRM, which included the new Connected Field Service solution. Now available in preview, the Connected Field Service solution ‘provides out-of-the-box internet of things (IoT) to field service capabilities….Read more

The connected mine 

4 min read

By reimagining the idea of the modern mine and enabling an IoT approach, Accenture is helping companies in the sector realize a range of benefits for both the staff and the wider business….Read more

Enabling the Connected Car 

4 min read

Digital technologies are enabling a new level of connectivity and mobility for drivers and automotive manufacturers alike. The automotive industry is going through a significant digital business transformation. Consumers expectations are altering, and a seamless experience while at home, in the car or at work is in greater demand than ever before….Read more

Making the digital leap 

5 min read

The retail industry is in the midst of a significant transformation, with digital technologies at the heart of the change. We find out how Microsoft and its partners are supporting retailers as they look to reinvent themselves and meet the needs of the modern consumer….Read more

Making the digital shift 

3 min read

As more industries embark on digital transformation strategies, telecommunications companies are reassessing their business models. Microsoft’s Johan Norvik tells us more….Read more