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Enhance digital factories with Microsoft HMI partners and customers 

4 min read

Enhance digital factories: Boost productivity by modernizing the workplace with automation and AI Leverage IT and OT to connect people with ‘things’ and data in the Factory of the Future Utilize AI and mixed reality interaction models, with robots/cobots to augment employee skills Leverage digital twins to design and optimize digital factories and logistics execution…Read more

Monetize connected products with Microsoft HMI partners and customers 

2 min read

Monetize connected products: Increase margins from digital products and services with intelligent business apps Enable customizations and configurations that bring value closer to the consumer, and build loyalty. Generate new data-driven products and services to differentiate in the new service economy. Keep up with new speed of business by connecting digital factories into intelligent supply…Read more

Intelligent Value Chains with Microsoft HMI partners and customers 

1 min read

Intelligent Value Chains Open new markets with secure and intelligent edge and cloud Expand manufacturing’s leadership of 4IR to other businesses using the same Industrial IoT platforms Deliver social and economic impact by leveraging AI to reduce waste in a resource constrained world Remove infrastructure barriers, and build sustainable value chains and new revenue streams…Read more