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Tools which are necessary for unlocking additional sales channels, such as online, mobile, social channels or hybrid channels (Click & Collect) as well as the corresponding social sentiment analysis and a tool to prevent online customer journey hijacking and local online marketing:

(alphabetical order)


episerver: e-Commerce Click & Collect – Customer-Centric Digital Experience Platform

Logo_Episerver Use Case:
Retailers and brands must digitalize their business in a fast way, because they have to shut down retail stores. Utilize online channels, e.g. order online and pick up in store to minimize physical contact in stores.
Covid-19 Offer:
Offer with special conditions for: Customer-centric Digital Experience Platform
Reduced price / special payment terms
Included automatic scalability
fast implementation through our global partner network
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NEW LocalUp: Local Online Marketing

Logo LocalUp Use Case:
While local POS slowly open up again during COVID-19, LocalUp technology supports your local dealers and online-shops to improve shop traffic as well as online- & offline-local sales results. Make use of cost effective Bing-Advertising by having LocalUp build a ready to be served and professional search campaign.
Covid-19 Offer:
Creation and Setup for LocalUp-controlled Ads is for free, you just pay the actual Ad-Spend (Media) to Bing Ads.
Comeback Pack #1:
Bing Ads search campaign for one location or website in a regional context
Duration: 14 days
Minimum Budget: 1.000 €
Setup, display creation, control, reporting: Free of charge instead of 500 €
Comeback Pack #2:
Bing Ads search campaign for multiple locations (min. 10 locations / POS)
Duration: 14 days
Minimum Budget: 300 € per location
Setup, display creation, control, reporting: Free of charge instead of 2.500 €
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NEW namogoo: Prevent Online Customer Journey Hijacking

Logo_namogoo Use Case:
Namogoo prevents injected ads displayed during 15-25% of eCommerce sessions. By preventing this phenomenon – Customer Journey Hijacking – Namogoo increases eCommerce websites’ conversion rates between 2%- 5%. For many companies seeing their foot traffic suddenly grind to a halt, eCommerce can be a critical tool allowing them to continue doing business. Even as eCommerce has taken on such an essential role, it faces the unprecedented challenge of Customer Journey Hijacking.
Covid-19 Offer:
Namogoo is able to support eCommerce companies that have not yet used the Customer Hijacking Prevention solution, offering them access at no cost during this challenging period: Covid Offer
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Plain Concepts: Mobile & Web Sales Channel

Plain Concepts - Logo Use Case:
Open additional Sales Channel via Web-/Mobile Application to sell product online, also during the closing of physical stores.
Covid-19 Offer:
Plain Concepts offers to define Covid-19 appropriate payment arrangements with enterprises individually.
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Symanto: Social Sentiment Dashboard – Covid-19

Logo von symanto Use Case:
Social sentiment analysis of Tweets regarding Covid-19 with focus on consumer sentiment and mental health, customization available. Customized social sentiment dashboard based on above enables retailer & brands to measure and track sentiment regarding their brands / channels and current consumer sentiment.
Covid-19 Offer:
Free Access to Dashboard “Coronavirus Consumer Sentiment & Mental Health” (DE, EN)
Offer for Customized Dashboards: 6 months period with 10% discount on top of available packages
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Please note: this compilation is being continuously extended and kept current. Please contact us in case of questions or suggestions!


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