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Tools to facilitate better supply chain transparency as well as optimization of supply chain management processes, e.g. dashboards based on geolocation intelligence and to monitor as well as control different supply chain or logistics instances:

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Blue Yonder: Covid-19 Supply Chain Response Offer

 Logo Blue Yonder Use Case:
As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread, hidden weaknesses in supply chains have become glaring. We are committed to help our customers minimize the impact to their Global Supply chains and ensure supplies get to the people that need them most, on time. Blue Yonder (formerly JDA), is offering a COVID-19 Supply Chain Risk Response “War Room” as a service.
Covid-19 Offer:
Service will be hosted on Azure by Blue Yonder for 60 days (hosting times may vary), to help companies assess their supply chain risks and determine the best way to deploy their resources during this uncertain time. What will be delivered by this specific service:
Risk analysis to supply, transportation, and order fulfillment
Dashboards, metrics, and analytics to help prioritize critical exceptions and put corrective actions in motion
Creation of a digital twin of the supply chain including daily update of suppliers, factories, warehouses, stores, orders, shipments, and inventory data with superimposed live update from the CDC to determine the impact on the supply chain
COVID-19 Response Offer
Covid-19 Risk Assessment Demo
Joint webinar with ODL, KPMG, Microsoft and BY Nach oben

Esri: Corona Dashboard – Location Intelligence

 Logo Esri Use Case:
Visualizes Corona cases on digital map and enables analysis and planning of measures for public and private sector.
Covid-19 Offer:
Solution for free during crisis
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Johns Hopkins University Covid-19 Dashboard oben

platbricks – The Arvato Smart Logistics Platform

 Logo Arvato Use Case:
Platform enables monitoring and control of flow of goods as well as automated distribution of critical or frequently demanded articles.
Covid-19 Offer:
First 3 months are only charged with 50% of the operating costs.
The standard price model is based on an integration fee according to time & material.
The operating costs are billed according to the number of users. oben


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