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Revolution now

The computer, as we know it, has disappeared. But it has not gone away; it has simply merged with our everyday surroundings. Bikes, cars, trains, buildings, shops in fact the whole urban space is the actual computer. Technology has become ubiquitous and central to growth and innovation in today’s economy, through economic, social and political factors, impacting consumers, citizens, and organizations. It is embedded in a vast array of services and devices, and has become industrialized, accessible and affordable. Enabling people and businesses to continuously find new and enhanced uses for technology in everyday life and business. To do what was previously impossible.

The explosion of data has allowed businesses to view online and in-person behavior patterns more comprehensively. Which has extended audience intelligence, and dramatically improved segmenting accuracy and timeliness. Organizations are enabled to capture, aggregate, augment and manipulate significant amounts of information about internal and external transactions, which can lead to the discovery of patterns in behavior, improved management of business metrics, and a more consistent and connected customer experience.

Appling the People-centered design based approach to bring innovative scenarios to life

Society has become increasingly technologically mediated. The role of ubiquity has never been more important. The design process helps mediate the relationship between practical function and how technology works within a society. Creating deep connections, relevance, and empathy by seeing through the eyes of the customer and creating and delivering services and experiences from their perspective by focusing energy on the things that matter to them. Challenging the convention and imagining the art of the possible through addressing the “Imagine if..?”, “What if..?”, “How could we..?”. Helping re-imagine and explore the implications of new capabilities to unlock the unique value created from a business performance improvement, end user experience and technology innovation perspective in parallel that light up their digital work and life experiences in the most personal, intelligent, open and empowering ways.


Value Creation

When opportunity knocks – will you know how to respond?

Every successful business needs to continuously innovate or it will cease to exist over the longer term. Few businesses survive in the long run by relying exclusively on either radical innovation or incremental innovation. Every business over the long term needs to maintain a balance between radical and incremental innovation, and to know when to innovate radically and/or incrementally. The fundamental difference is about attitude, imagination, and execution.


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This visual story provides people of action –  The producers. The strategists. The visionaries. The ones who believe that actions are more important than words. Who lead and drive digital decisions for their businesses – with insights and true stories from across multiple industries, and an approach to help rapidly shape and deliver their digital strategies to gain a competitive advantage from technology.


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Virgin Atlantic brings its customer experience to life