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The pace of change in the IoT space is staggering and Microsoft is continuing to lead the way in driving this innovation. This year at the Microsoft Ignite Conference, we announced that we will invest $5 billion globally in the Internet of Things over the next four years. The reason we are doing this is simple: Our goal is to give every customer the ability to transform their businesses, and the world at large, with connected solutions.

Other key announcements include:

Azure IoT Central is now generally available 

Last December we announced the public preview of Azure IoT Central, and it is now generally available. Azure IoT Central is a fully managed software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering that enables customers and partners to provision an IoT solution in seconds, customize it in a few hours, and go to production the same day—all without requiring any cloud solution development expertise.

Introducing Azure Digital Twins: the next evolution in IoT

Azure Digital Twins, a breakthrough service in our IoT platform that enables customers and partners to create a comprehensive digital model of any physical environment, including people, places, and things, as well as the relationships and processes that bind them.

Securing IoT from device to cloud – Announcing the broad availability of Azure Sphere development kits

Azure Sphere sets the standard for IoT security by allowing manufacturers to build highly secure, internet-enabled MCU devices that stay protected even in an evolving threat landscape.

Azure Sphere’s unique mix of three components work in unison to reduce risk, no matter how the threats facing organizations change:

  • The Azure Sphere MCU includes built-in hardware-based security.
  • The purpose-built Azure Sphere OS adds a four-layer defense, in-depth software environment.
  • The Azure Sphere Security Service renews security to protect against new and emerging threats

IoT Momentum in Canada

We are seeing similar momentum in Canada, with some amazing early adopters of this technology already making this real, including PCL leveraging Azure Digital Twins to revolutionize the construction industry.

IoT in Action Solution Builder Conference is Coming to Canada!

Accelerating this momentum, is the IoT in Action Solution Builder Conference taking place in Toronto

Regardless of whether you are in the IoT space already, Looking to develop IoT skills, or trying to identify how to implement an IoT solution for your organization, you have probably realized already that any IoT solution requires a wide variety of skillsets and capabilities – and it’s rare that one organization will have all of these skills in house.

Partnering & connecting with others in the ecosystem is critical for the success of any IoT offering, which is why we are hosting IoT in Action for the first time in Canada, in Toronto, November 27th, 2018, to bring together many aspects of the skills required for an IoT solution across the Microsoft partner ecosystem.

This unique forum will bring together the leading players in IoT in Canada across all types of organizations, from device manufacturers, connectivity provides, industrial IoT offerings and leading Azure IoT solution partners to showcase and share their expertise around developing transformational IoT projects.

We want to arm you with not only the capabilities, technical knowledge and vision for an IoT offering but also provide a unique opportunity to bring together a core group of the leading IoT innovators in Canada to connect, share best practices and identify areas for strong business partnership.

On the agenda is an exciting set of exclusive speakers and showcase topics, to help you understand the Microsoft vision for IoT, how to integrate IoT into digital transformation for your organization, how to leverage Azure IoT capabilities to develop an IoT solution and examples and demos from some of the leading IoT innovators in Canada to show how this is being made real today.

Get Connected with Key IoT Ecosystem Partners in Canada

We also will be hosting a specialized match making service throughout the day, where you can request and setup meeting with key members of the ecosystem in attendance and forge real connections for future business development.

Regardless whether you are an organization looking to understand how to implement IoT for your own operations, a seasoned IoT specialist, or an organization that is looking to develop a new IoT based product, this day will offer you invaluable insight into how to get this done quickly, effectively and leverage the absolute cutting edge in cloud based IoT capabilities.

Also please note – the very next day we are hosting a complementary event, called the Future of Operations – this event is aimed at organizations in the Manufacturing, Resources, Mining and Logistics verticals looking to understand how to leverage the latest digital technologies to transform their business across the full suite of Microsoft technologies. Please also take a look at the amazing agenda here as you plan your attendance for IoT in Action.

I look forward to welcoming you to this event and getting engaged in the conversation – the potential for IoT in Canada is simply astounding, and this progress is being realized by the connections forged between these Canadian IoT leaders – be part of the conversation and be part of this momentum by attending!