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Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo in Orlando is a great venue for business leaders and IT professionals to discuss the extent to which innovation is driving unprecedented transformation, and the potential disruptions that poses for the market and society at large. Organizations that can embrace innovation and incorporate it responsibly into their products, services, and business strategies will be best positioned to win in the marketplace.

Innovation comes in many forms, from design updates or the latest cool app to AI or the way in which people and computers interact. AI and other technologies are often touted as the future for businesses, and business decision-makers must have a 360-degree view of how to incorporate these approaches successfully and appropriately. True innovation is a cultural exercise as much as a strategic one.

Microsoft AI has been working through the questions and issues that sit at the intersection of innovation, AI and responsibility, what they mean for customers and end-users, and the broader social and economic implications they create.

In my Gartner Symposium session, I focused on the four best approaches for your innovation journey:

  • How to find the balance between disruption and responsibility
  • Three key principles for driving innovation
  • How to close the gap between expectations and actions
  • And more!

I look forward to continuing to address these complex yet fundamental issues and to exploring these important topics together as you continue your AI journey as a business leader with Microsoft AI and embrace innovation as an organization.