How one Australian retailer has bridged the online-offline divide to empower customers with an in-store digital experience 

Written by Marcy Larsen     As personalisation and recognition across channels become the expectation among shoppers, retailers and mall operators are creating systems that ‘log’ customers into physical stores. What that means in practice is that, when customers enter a store, the system automatically triggers recommendations and in-store activations. Then it informs assistants to Read more

How retailers balance the personalisation-privacy problem 

Written by Marcy Larsen Retailers might be getting sick of the phrase, ‘the new normal’. But just because it’s a little over-used doesn’t mean it’s not true. Today’s customers have driven a lasting change for retailers. While some pandemic-related trends may be fleeting, some are more foundational. And sometimes that requires balancing competing customer expectations. Read more

Banking for Humanity 

Written by Wayne Bartlett   Financial institutions don’t just handle money. They invest, grow, and support industries and people all over the globe. That places enormous responsibility on our business to contribute to the right kind of change – to bank for humanity. But moving beyond platitudes and making real change isn’t easy. From investing Read more

Delivering Digital Value 

Written by Wayne Bartlett   As the word evolution implies, banks and financial institutions are constantly looking to innovate and modernise to survive. The one-upmanship of competition and adverse market conditions are pushing both incumbents and challengers to capitalise on emerging technology. That means finding value from new avenues like artificial intelligence and machine learning. Read more

Responsible innovation in Financial Services 

Written by Duncan Taylor   The more uncertainty and volatility we see in the market, the more risk organisations are exposed to. And if there’s one thing we can say of 2020, it’s that it has been volatile and uncertain. Today, financial service firms are facing new challenges when it comes to both managing risk, Read more

Future of Finance 

Written by Duncan Taylor   The future of finance is driven by data to improve experience Digital dollars drive the world’s economy. In fact, IDC expected 60 per cent of the world’s economy would be digitised by 2022. Then COVID-19 struck and everything changed. In fact, even digital transformation itself was transformed by the pandemic. As Read more

How councils are going digital to get development plans approved faster 

GOODBYE PAPER Objective Trapeze software is used by hundreds of local councils in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom to streamline how planning applications and building permits are reviewed, assessed and approved. When used on a Surface device there is advanced functionality, delivering productivity boosts for planners and building surveyors, faster decisions for the Read more