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Catholic Education Western Australia is a global leader in using cloud technologies and analytics to help educators collaborate more effectively and tailor richer experiences for every student.

Teachers with access to the latest digital capabilities have the power to open up a whole new world of learning. They can personalise classes to meet students’ specific needs, deliver relevant and interesting course content, and support their own professional development.


Covering a network of 163 schools with nearly 78,000 students and 15,000 staff members, Catholic Education Western Australia’s online teaching and learning platform, LEADing Lights, offers an inspiring model for cloud technologies in the classroom.

For more information about CEWA and the transformation in Education, download the HBR report.

Optimising the education experience

The solution incorporates Microsoft collaboration applications such as Teams and OneNote, which help teachers share resources and best practices. They can also use mobile portals to record student performance, mark class rolls and monitor trends such as absenteeism. “One of the key intents is to help us become more innovative, flexible and better stewards of resources, leading to improved outcomes,” says CEWA’s Dr Cathy Cavanaugh.

Transforming learning

Teachers are gaining the digital foundations to be more effective in all aspects of their craft. Lessons created in OneNote Class Notebooks give students interactive access to content and a space to collaborate, contribute and think. Streamlined administration allows more time for face-to-face instruction. Higher quality classroom interactions are made possible due to in-depth analytics that inform teachers of each student’s needs.

Working with Microsoft, CEWA is now developing a ‘virtual school’ offering rich educational content for students who live in remote Western Australia or require special assistance.

Over time, data gathered via the LEADing Lights platform will help educators gain a deeper understanding of students’ learning journeys. This will enable them to predict, manage and optimise performance so each child achieves their best.

“The platform helps us better understand students’ learning journeys and trajectories. This allows teachers, leaders and families to be more proactive and supportive in students’ motivation to learn essential life skills.” Dr Cathy Cavanaugh Head of Digital Transformation Learning, Catholic Education Western Australia



For more information about CEWA and the transformation in Education, download the HBR report.