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Microsoft is the only hyperscale cloud provider to offer two regions in Australia located in Sydney and Melbourne. Both are extensively used by both commercial and public sector customers.

Recently, Microsoft announced that the Australian Signals Directorate had certified fifty Microsoft Azure services to Unclassified(DLM). These services provide a trusted foundation for government, healthcare and education organisations delivering infrastructure, security, application development, machine learning, internet-of-things, and many other services within the Microsoft Azure cloud. By comparison, Amazon Web Services holds only four certifications for its single AWS region in Australia. Google remains uncertified for use by Australian government.

In July, Microsoft announced general availability of Microsoft Azure Stack. Through partnerships with Dell, HP and Lenovo, Azure Stack enables the first truly consistent hybrid cloud platform. Partners and customers can deploy integrated appliances for remote, disconnected or on-premise scenarios, confident that the platform is consistent and integrated under their control with the hyperscale cloud of Microsoft Azure.

Now, in partnership with Canberra Data Centres, Microsoft will add two new Azure hyperscale regions in Canberra to expand our global hyperscale cloud regions to 42 – more than any other cloud provider.

These two new regions will support the needs of Australian government agencies and their suppliers. Co-locating the Azure hyperscale cloud alongside the primary data resources of Australian government takes advantage of data’s gravity, spurring government to modernise and augment existing systems. Located within Australian-owned facilities that have the accreditations and proven capability to handle even Top Secret data, the security and integrity of the supply chain is assured.

With access over the Australian ICON Protected network and the capability to retain data within a highly secure perimeter across two regions in Canberra, Australian government can confidently innovate on a hyperscale cloud platform. Most importantly, these two regions will provide the assured foundation on which a local and global open ecosystem can serve the needs of Australian government.

Microsoft Azure will be operational as a full hyperscale cloud within two campuses of Canberra Data Centres (CDC) in the first half of 2018. This will connect the open innovation ecosystem of Microsoft Azure with the government-centric ecosystem of CDC.

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