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How to make relationship selling smart, simple and profitable.

Identify the right customers at the right time and engage with them.

The integration of LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365 is a game changer for relationship selling. This unique combination of sales tools and social technology is helping sales teams build relationships with the right prospects, offer timely insights and recommendations, and engage at scale like never before.

As discussed in the video, the results are impressive; The Nucleus Report found the Microsoft Relationship Sales solution makes sales teams 12 to 15 percent more productive, while accelerating time to close deals.

Ready to learn more about social selling?

If you want to take relationship sales to the next level by combining the power of your social network with your customer data, ‘The Savvy Sales Leaders Guide to Building Profitable Relationships’ will bring you up to speed.

Download this guide now for an introduction, recommendations and insights into new trends and technologies for social selling.