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Access Red Hat’s world-class open source solutions on Azure.

Digital transformation is essential to remaining competitive in fast-changing markets. Hybrid cloud technologies can help you succeed, but deploying and managing them can be a complex process and choosing the right combination of technologies is critical. Together, Red Hat and Microsoft give you more choice and flexibility to develop the hybrid cloud you want, with technologies you know and trust and with ongoing advice and services to make everything as simple and streamlined as possible.

With Red Hat and Microsoft’s open hybrid cloud solutions, line-of-business managers can digitally transform their business, deliver new, high-value applications and services and innovate faster.


What Red Hat solutions on Microsoft Azure can do for your business

For large, data-sensitive organizations, using Red Hat solutions on Microsoft Azure can mean:


Cost savings: Critical business solutions can be moved to the cloud with confidence, and consumed on a pay-per-use basis.
Ease of development: Technical teams can more easily create, test, deploy and scale applications.
Support for hybrid IT: A flexible hybrid IT environment is a feasible reality for large enterprises and government organisations, with the ability to co-locate legacy or specialised systems within Azure.
Flexibility:  Developers can create and deploy apps using the tools, databases and container platforms they prefer – whether on Windows or Linux.
Support for legacy systems: Microsoft Azure is the most powerful and scalable cloud solution for SAP HANA. Together, Red Hat and Microsoft also make it possible to run SQL on Linux – the world’s most secure data platform, on a leading operating system and cloud platform.


World-class, integrated support and services.

Red Hat and Microsoft have also created a fully integrated, cross-product support model for customers using Red Hat solutions on Microsoft Azure. This provides your organisation with access to ongoing, co-located support staff from both Red Hat and Microsoft, an integrated ticketing system, powerful portal integration, and access to a seamless, coordinated escalation and resolution process. This ensures you have a single point of contact providing a consistent support experience.

As a customer, you simply register for the Red Hat Customer Portal and Knowledge Base directly via Azure. Plus, you get consistent service and support with seamless, predictable pricing across all certified deployment infrastructures.

Find out more

Contact your Red Hat or Microsoft representative to learn more about digitally transforming your business with these cloud technology solutions.

To find out more about how Red Hat solutions on Azure can help your business accelerate its organisational agility and achieve true digital transformation, you can check out these helpful resources below.

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