Driving digital transformation on the frontline 

Senior man and young woman, police officers, with protective face masks working together in police office. Creating safer communities is a universal goal, one that often sees the level of risk to our frontline offset by the situational awareness that they rely upon from their command center. But what happens when that support structure is Read more

Modernizing court operations with digital innovation 

These past few years have seen unprecedented efforts by governments to find new ways of delivering the services and programs that their communities rely upon in a world that has faced the new realities of remotely connecting with the public.  Today, like never before, there is an urgent need for governments to build agility and Read more

Optimizing Municipal Citizen Service Delivery with Digital Solutions 

Government technology ecosystems are more complex than ever – the global pandemic ushered in rapid adoption of digital solutions to enable an entire workforce to work and collaborate remotely, while ensuring the continuity of critical citizen services. As digital transformation continues to be a strategic priority at all levels of government, the path forward should Read more

Fueling a sustainable post-pandemic recovery 

As municipal leaders across Canada continue to navigate the road to economic recovery, it is critical to consider how investing in sustainable technology and smart infrastructure can enable communities to not just recover from the pandemic but come back stronger than before. Read more