Speaking business today ~ how Canadians embrace a digital marketplace 

  If you’re not speaking the new language of business, how can you communicate? The quick answer is you’re missing out. Don’t blame the business community for the rapid changes in business technology. Point the finger at your customers. The global marketplace has evolved to include many great innovations, including artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things…Read more

Fall in love with your data 

  You spend a lot of time thinking about your people and the applications you need to operate your business. But what about your data? How much of your attention does it get? This post explores how decision-makers at small and medium-sized organizations can think data-first when making important business decisions. The unsung asset Data….Read more

The new frontier of food 

    Canadian company SPUD.ca uses AI, ebikes & the Microsoft Cloud to deliver local organic food to homes & offices with almost zero waste! Vancouver-based SPUD is a fast-growing local online organic food delivery company servicing six urban areas in Canada. The company’s proprietary logistics platform built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 uses artificial intelligence…Read more

Enterprise security made affordable at last! 

Welcome to Day 11 of Business Self-Defense from Microsoft Canada. Today, we talk about how small businesses operating on a small budget can afford enterprise-grade security. Wish you could afford enterprise-strength digital security? You’re not alone. Cybersecurity ranks as a top concern among business owners and no wonder, given the number of cyberattacks. McAfee reports that Canada…Read more

Who’s watching your mobile security? Protecting a connected company 

Welcome to Day 10 of Business Self-Defense from Microsoft Canada! Today, we spotlight a comprehensive whitepaper on modern mobile security called “Protecting and Empowering Your Connected Organization.” Written for a more technical audience, this ebook provides a comprehensive perspective on modern mobile management. We provide an excerpt from the ebook’s here as well as a link to download your…Read more

Defend your devices! Three steps to BLOCK phishing scams 

Welcome to Day 7 of Business Self-Defense from Microsoft Canada. Today, we look at how every small business should stand up to phishing scams! BLOCK this form of online fraud that wreaks havoc on businesses, big and small, across Canada. Follow this advice to help you better protect your business from phishing and other criminal activity. Phishing…Read more

10 ways to stay secure on the go 

Welcome to Day 6 of Business Self-Defense from Microsoft Canada. In this post about security on the go, we talk about how small and medium-sized businesses with employees who work in the field can defend themselves from hackers and other threats. Mobile devices have changed not only the way we interact with our family and friends, but…Read more

3 basic Azure security services to help you sleep better at night 

Welcome to Day 5 of Business Self-Defense from Microsoft Canada. Today, we focus on three simple Azure security services that can help you sleep better at night. What’s Azure? Since debuting in 2010, the Microsoft Azure cloud services platform has emerged as the world’s most trusted cloud. Azure offers organizations of all sizes and types a powerful and cost-effective…Read more