There’s a lot to love about Azure: the integrated tools, pre-built templates, and managed services make it easier to build and manage enterprise, mobile, web and Internet of Things (IoT) apps faster. But before there is Azure, there is trust. And that’s our whole security story.

As an actor in the digital transformation of your organization, you are faced with many new opportunities. To fully embrace these opportunities and move forward, you must think about security beyond traditional perimeter protection and you must be willing to entrust your cloud provider with one of your must valuable assets- your data. That might be scary to you. We understand.

But you need to know: the organizations perpetrating cybercrime continue to expand their business models but still use dated technical means such as exploiting unpatched systems. Cloud technology helps you improve cyber hygiene by ensuring you are running modern software and keeping it up to date which has always been an important first line of defence.

When you invest in Azure, you are able to trust that your customer data is safe, that the privacy of your data is protected, and that you retain ownership of and control over your data—that it will only be used in a way that is consistent with your expectations.

With Microsoft Azure, Microsoft strives to earn your trust. And to help deliver the technology that you rely on, we’ve established a set of principles where we deliver concrete engineering work, legal work and compliance work. These principles are security, privacy and control, transparency, compliance and availability.

Our long experience running online services has involved extensive investment in foundational technology that builds security and privacy into the development process. Over time, we’ve developed industry-leading security measures and privacy policies, and participated in international compliance programs with independent verification of how me measure up.

We’re committed to the trust we are building with you, that’s why we spend over a billon dollar a year on our security practices and our technologies. This enables Azure to protect your data wherever it may be. Is your data in the datacenter, on a phone, on a desktop, or en route through the internet? Good news, wherever it is: It’s protected.

The cloud has enabled us to correlate massive amounts of cyber threat intelligence with user, device and application behaviours to quickly identify suspicious or malicious activity. This allows attacks or breaches to be discovered in hours instead of the industry average 200+ days.

We really think Azure would be the right fit for just about any enterprise- including yours! We’re confident you’ll love what it can do for you! You can make it yours, and most importantly make your data secure!