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Cyberthreats have changed drastically over the years. Due to the scale and sophistication of these attacks, it’s no longer a concern over whether your organization’s data will be compromised, but how it will be compromised and when. Because of this, it is critical to have a proactive protection strategy in place to address these attacks.

Hacking takes minutes. On average, it takes a hacker minutes to get in and access your data and it takes security teams more than 140 days to discover it. Timing is critical – it’s important that these breaches are discovered and stopped immediately. With these startling statistics in mind, Windows 10 was created with comprehensive pre-breach and post-breach solutions.  Here are three things you need to know about the key security benefits of Windows 10:

  • Next-level protection. With a focus on post-breach challenges, Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) works overtime on every machine to ensure each area is protected.
  • Advanced attack detection. Microsoft makes the most of our security analytics and intelligence capabilities to prevent threats from a broad base of sources. We also leverage the Microsoft Security Intelligence Graph for data from your Windows updates and search engine results to identify potential breaches immediately.
  • Investigation and response. The portal gives SecOps the tools and capabilities to investigate and respond to potential threats. You can also proactively search your own network for signs of attacks. What does this mean? Tracking attacker actions, getting a detailed footprint across your organization, submitting files for deep analysis and the ability to kill processes, or banning files from your network.

Let’s sum it up! Windows 10 and Windows Defender ATP works to give your organization the best defense and offense when it comes to pre-breaches and post-breaches. Learn more by downloading the ebook now.

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