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Microsoft Industry Blogs - Canada


Unlocking innovation in Canada – the time to act is now! 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the defining technology of our time. Organizations that take advantage of all that it has to offer are arming themselves to compete now and in the future. A recent study of European leaders highlights how businesses that are actively implementing AI are more than twice as likely to be high-growth companies....Read more

How can AI improve frontline healthcare? 

When ThoughtWire was founded in 2009, CEO Mike Monteith endeavoured to reduce the burden on healthcare providers. He knew through first-hand experience that the overload of information and on-the-job realities compromised the ability of practitioners to deliver the best possible care to patients. In the 10 years since its founding, ThoughtWire has worked to deliver...Read more

Delivering innovation to Canadian tables 

When it comes to groceries, Canadians want it all – a big selection of high-quality food at low prices (and with sales and loyalty benefits with purchase). Couple that with the increasing desire for food to come from local and ethical sources and for organic or prepared foods, it’s no wonder that Statistica estimates annual...Read more