Securing your Digital Transformation: on-premises vs cloud security 

The speed of technological breakthroughs and exponential pace of disruptive global innovation in the technology sector is bringing about a fourth “digital” industrial revolution – characterized by unprecedented processing power, storage, connectivity, access to knowledge and the blurring of lines between the physical, digital and biological space. Read more

True innovation helping to defeat child anxiety 

When you work in the tech space, it becomes very easy to become over-acclimatized to the sheer pace of innovation that permeates the industry. After a while you can start to take it for granted – everything is constantly touted as new, groundbreaking, revolutionary, a paradigm shift and will literally change the world as we Read more

3 ways your health organization can harness IoT 

How can you start harnessing the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve patient care and satisfaction, efficiency, and the bottom line? In September, Microsoft announced the availability of the Azure IoT Suiteand a new Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT Program, which can help you answer this question. Read more

Boosting IT capacity 

Dell helps Canadian SaaS provider Distributech/InvestorCom to increase IT availability, improve disaster recovery, enhance data security and reduce costs. Read more