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Microsoft Industry Blogs – Canada

Your job as an IT Pro is making everyone’s life easier. But for many, the introduction of the Cloud has meant your life has become a little more difficult. Your workday is filled with challenges, wins, opportunities, and lots of coffee. Yet with every decision you make you are being pulled in two often different directions: how to manage and secure the on-premises infrastructure you’ve managed for years, and the new Cloud environment that defines your future.

Thankfully, when you make the decision to leverage a Hybrid Cloud infrastructure, centralized control and management becomes a reality. That’s what the Forrester Research Report on “Vendor Landscape: Hybrid Cloud Management Solutions” demonstrates. This Report provides a high-level overview of the 25 most important solutions available today and helps you to evaluate which is the best solution for your organization. Spoiler alert: Hybrid Cloud Management is the future. Just like you’ve been telling your manager for years. It is a solution that offers consistency across on-premises, private, and public cloud options.

But wait, there’s more! Microsoft’s Azure born Hybrid management solutions work with your choice of tools, your frameworks, your language and your operating systems. This makes it easy to adopt and implement within your organization. We want to raise the bar on Hybrid Cloud Management because, like you, we think moving to the Cloud is inevitable and that its benefits are boundless.

Our Hybrid solutions tie together your on-premises and Cloud environments enabling governments (and other organizations) to make choices based on their specific needs and leverage the infrastructure investments they have already made, , while maintaining and advancing the highest standards of security and compliance.

The Microsoft Hybrid management solution brings the IT organization together driving efficiency under a single holistic view of on-premises and Cloud solutions. This provides flexibility to move your on-premises infrastructure easily, and at your own pace.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out the Forrester Research Report and see what the experts have to say about the Hybrid Cloud management and our solution. By downloading the Report you’ll get insights on identifying your Hybrid Cloud management challenges and objectives, prioritizing workloads and providing the ideal customer experience to drive success, and choosing the right solution. You can also better understand the broad vendor landscape to find the ideal partner that can support your needs.

We firmly believe that the Cloud is the future and we’re so happy to help you in your journey!