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Microsoft Industry Blogs – Canada

Governments can do more with less. To be honest, governments have done more with less for a long time and Canada is no exception. But today, less is no longer more. Citizens’ expectations are at records high and they are counting on government and government officials to go the extra mile. Every single day.

You’ve seen the governmental ecosystem change. This year at GTEC, we want to help you transform how you do business with your citizens and your constituents.

Governance in a digital world

Citizens are using mobile apps and can consult data everywhere, that’s just the new digital landscape, as you already know. Data is provided from a multitude of sources and makes transforming data into actionable items an arduous one. On one hand, reducing paper-based processes is a priority to drive efficiency, cut costs and improve conservation. On the other hand, budgets are shrinking and there is an urgent need to improve efficiency while reducing costs. And then there’s you trying to do your best work with the tools you have.

Enabling the digital transformation

We can help governments harness the transformative power of cloud, big data, mobile and social technologies. That way, governments can focus on making data-driven decisions, deliver “made-for-me” citizen services, foster economic growth, respond effectively to disasters and build long-term citizen participation. Without ever sacrificing trust or security.

Our bond

Our engagement is simple; we want to help you with:

  • Engaging your Citizens (enhanced online service delivery portals and +)
  • Empowering your Government Employees (the power of mobility with mitigated risks)
  • Optimizing your Government Operations (Flexible, trusted cloud services)
  • Transforming your Government Services (Harness the data and produce actionable analysis and better decision making)

The Microsoft Story

To help you make the best decisions for your constituents, we bring:

  • Expertise (technology integration & digital transformation)
  • Capabilities (suited to your industry + a global network of skilled professionals and partners)
  • Accountability (addressing complex challenges while mitigating risk)
  • Flexibility (engaging the way that works for you, with the global reach to satisfy your needs)
  • Results (to demonstrate our ability to lead change and deliver on our promise)

Start your journey with us

On November 3rd, we will be at GTEC in Ottawa to present our vision and solutions for digital transformation and what it means for governance. We want to talk about your needs, aspirations and your vision. We think that the time has come to embrace digital transformation in government. Because it’s 2016.

Be sure to get started with our eBook: “Transforming Government Services”.