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Microsoft Industry Blogs – Canada

On Sunday, March 5, 2017, Microsoft Canada is co-sponsoring along with Goldcorp a #DisruptMining event at The Carlu during the Prospectors Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) conference. The PDAC conference brings together the top mining and oil and gas experts in Canada over 5 days. Five disruptors will pitch the next big idea to revolutionize mining and five senior execs of the mining and technology industry will decide who will change the future of mining. It’s a not to be missed event, so be sure to have front row seats!

Digital transformation is of the utmost importance in the mining and oil and gas industry and this Sunday, experts will have the opportunity to explore the potential cutting edge of mixed reality technology within the mining sector. It’s time to be a disruptor and learn just how digital transformation and Microsoft can help your company shine through.

Microsoft is helping mining companies drive transformation:

  • Augmented reality scenarios using Microsoft HoloLens to visualize mine layouts, dig plans and equipment location, more accurately extract good ore and minimize waste ore, train employees on equipment use and maintenance, and remotely communicate, diagnose and repair equipment. Check out our booth and ask for the “Hololens experience”.
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning using Microsoft Cortana Analytics Suite to help mining companies more accurately prospect and dig for metals
  • IoT scenarios using Microsoft Azure IoT Suite and Cortana Analytics Suite to track mining assets in real time and provide predictive maintenance schedules and optimize mining operations through more accurate asset dispatch
  • Advanced analytics for mining operations using Microsoft PowerBI to visualize data from all aspects of mining operations

Find out how to  make today the first day in your digital transformation journey and join our experts at #DisruptMining. Looking forward to seeing you there and empowering you to do more. See you on the floor!