Marketing is evolving rapidly as an industry and a profession. From attribution, to nurturing leads, to multi-directional social conversations, there are now more customer touchpoints than ever before, with enormous quantities of data to go with them. From a marketing standpoint, managing it can be a challenge. But the richness of that data is also a tremendous opportunity.

For modern marketers, the best way to innovate is leveraging the power of the cloud to drive efficiency, scale content, sift data, and ultimately use it to make informed decisions. The clouds plays a crucial role in every aspect of my own life as a marketer, but especially three key areas: social content planning and amplification, stakeholder management, and analytics.

Sociabble, a tool by Microsoft partner Brainsonic, helps our social-savvy employees find and share brand content to their own networks. Because it’s built completely on top of Azure, it provides 24/7 access to employees at any place or time. That’s especially useful for our increasingly mobile, agile workforce.

Collaboration is a large part of our internal planning and execution. We use Microsoft Teams for the its power to enable stakeholder coordination. In a worldwide organization the size of Microsoft, collaborative tools need to be equally global.

There are 38 Azure datacenters across the planet, which means that workspace tools like Teams have the power to make global colleagues into local coworkers in real time. The ability to assemble and structure team relationships and collaborate on projects with all eyes on the same data would be impossible without the reach of Azure.

Collaborative access is one thing, but for crafting high-level marketing strategy, nothing is more useful to me than a customizable data dashboard that can mine exactly the breadth and depth of information my team needs. Power BI is our solution for analytics, and our marketing teams rely on it extensively for real time data in the form of a customizable overview of their business.

This gives them the insights they need from back to front, throughout the process of developing strategy, monitoring results for agile pivots, and providing data-rich interactive reports. Azure’s reach and collective processing power is the engine underlying this vital tool.

We believe in Azure to our core. We see the power of tools that rely on the cloud at work within our own teams. They’re revolutionizing the marketing landscape, and it’s happening so fast we can see it unfold in front of our eyes. And these advantages in collaboration and implementation are just the beginning. When you consider the potentialities we’re exploring in predictive AI and bots, the power of cloud computing will only accelerate. These tools will move from interpreting data to curating knowledge, and from there to engaging, anticipating, and exceeding customer expectations. It’s a very exciting time!

We want to provide your marketers with all of these advantages and raise the bar on cloud-based tools. Visit the Azure Digital Marketing site to see what we can do for your business.