Zone·tv is a leader in the media and entertainment industry with a feature-rich suite of powerful video services that are redefining the way television content is programmed, delivered, and personalized. Zone·tv uses its Studio platform and proprietary machine learning algorithms to automatically curate video assets into personalized video channels, using enhanced metadata, customers’ unique content preferences and viewing history, and trending topics. This same technology stack allows users to automatically reprogram any channel, which results in a personalized viewing experience. Zone·tv has licensed thousands of hours of content and created a unique 13-channel service known as Zone·ify, but it also offers the Studio service to content providers and video distributors to create their own channels.

By getting to know its customers’ content preferences, Zone·tv automatically brings viewers more of what they love with less search and struggle. While Zone·tv had built an algorithm on another cloud platform to extract the data that enables this customization, it switched to Microsoft Azure because of the powerful services available to further personalize programming choices for viewers.

When Zone·tv began working with Microsoft in 2017, neither company predicted how fruitful the partnership would prove to be. With the machine learning power of Azure Media Services, specifically Video Indexer, Zone·tv has captured a richer array of metadata. This metadata then feeds into the Zone·tv machine learning algorithms to make more precise recommendations for customers. The result? Smarter, highly accurate recommendations that give customers more of what they want—before they know they want it.

Choosing a partner was easier than the Zone·tv team expected. Microsoft’s familiarity with the video space was a major factor and made the pair an ideal match. The partnership truly works both ways as Zone·tv has also helped Microsoft improve its products. The hands-on engagement has encouraged both teams to push the limits and continue to learn together, even empowering Zone·tv to emerge as a global leader in incorporating Azure Media Services into its offerings.

Moving forward, Zone·tv is excited to continue deepening its relationship with Microsoft. There are more opportunities on the horizon to continue innovating, especially in applying Azure to Zone·tv’s mobile and connectedTV Zone·ify service. This combination of passion, drive, and technological might fuels the team forward. In the meantime, Zone·tv customers are enjoying a viewing experience that is so targeted and personalized that it feels like magic.

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