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Microsoft Industry Blogs - Canada

Built-in security… and nine other reasons to upgrade to Windows 10 

Welcome to Day 20 of Business Self-Defense from Microsoft Canada. Today we talk about Windows 10 and give you all kinds of reasons to upgrade, starting with security. More than 400 million active users of Windows 10 trust the operating system (OS) and its many features and applications, but what about the other 1.1 billion people worldwide...Read more

What an upside! Make working remotely secure & successful 

Welcome to Day 19  of Business Self-Defense from Microsoft Canada. Today, we look at working remotely (otherwise known as working-from-home) and how to make it more secure and successful for everyone in your business. Working remotely. While some business owners and managers resist the model, it can benefit a small business greatly to enable employees to avoid...Read more

Better security, lower fees, & other reasons to fall in love with blockchain 

Welcome to Day 18 of Business Self-Defense from Microsoft Canada. Today, we look at blockchain. What is it and why should large—or any sized organization for that matter—care? We talk about how this technology can lower fees, improve security, and transform how consumers and businesses transact through the adoption of this ledger technology. What’s blockchain? First, blockchain is...Read more

Need to comply with GDPR? Get an action plan! 

Welcome to Day 17 of Business Self-Defense from Microsoft Canada. Today we build on our last post, “The compliance opportunity,” by spotlighting the Microsoft 365 GDPR action plan. Developed in partnership with Protiviti, a Microsoft partner specializing in compliance, this action plan can help inform your new compliance strategy. Remember: GDPR applies no matter where you’re located, including...Read more

The compliance opportunity 

Welcome to Day 16 of Business Self-Defense from Microsoft Canada. If you’re considering or committed to achieving regulatory compliance, including GDPR, today’s post is for you! In it, we provide small and medium-sized businesses with a primer on the benefits of regulatory compliance and the solutions that Microsoft enables. How secure is the data you create...Read more

Don’t get breached! Learn the true value of security 

Welcome to Day 15 of Business Self-Defense from Microsoft Canada. Today, we explore the value of security spotlighting Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Windows 10 Security Features. This third-party research spells out the cost savings and business benefits of Windows 10 security features, which help businesses of all shapes and sizes protect themselves and avoid costs. It’s...Read more

Who owns the data? Ask Cinchy, the startup democratizing data 

Welcome to Day 14 of Business Self-Defense from Microsoft Canada. Today, we spotlight a startup company founded in 2016 called Cinchy, whose fascinating data-as-a-network concept addresses security issues like shadow IT and promises to democratize data along the way. Who owns the data you create? It’s an important question to ask when you discover that your employees use...Read more

Cloud control. How working remotely & securely changes everything 

  Welcome to Day 13 of Business Self-Defense from Microsoft Canada. Today, we focus on how small and medium-sized business owners can protect their organizations from crime and unlock dramatic productivity benefits with the help of Microsoft cloud services and applications, like Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure services. reported that 71 percent of data breaches happen to small businesses and...Read more

Still sharing passwords? Yikes! Train your employees on security basics 

Welcome to Day 4 of Business Self-Defense from Microsoft Canada. Today, we continue our focus on employees and the responsibility everyone shares in the office and the field. Working together, you can protect your business from modern crimes, like social engineering. This post talks about Be Safe Online—a bundle of resources you can use to train employees on...Read more

We all make mistakes… 10 security don’ts to help you avoid big trouble 

  Welcome to Day 3 of Business Self-Defense from Microsoft Canada. Today, we focus on what you and your employees can do to help spot and avoid business disaster. Here are 10 don’ts to better safeguard your business. Typically, we only hear about infamous security breaches that happen to celebrities or attacks targeting global multi-national organizations. But...Read more

It only takes a click… the small business risk checklist 

Welcome to Day 2 of Business Self-Defense from Microsoft Canada! In this post, explore how small businesses can better assesses the risk(s) to them from criminal behaviour, include phishing and other cyber attacks. We discuss the scope of activities you need to consider and then provide a checklist you can follow....Read more

Watch it! Secure your devices before your data gets swiped 

Find out how to improve your device security on Day 1 of Business Self-Defense from Microsoft Canada! In support of Small Business Month this October, we’re publishing daily security tips designed to help owners and managers protect themselves from threats like trojans and breeches. This post explores why and how any business can improve their...Read more