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Microsoft Industry Blogs - Canada


Still sharing passwords? Yikes! Train your employees on security basics 

Welcome to Day 4 of Business Self-Defense from Microsoft Canada. Today, we continue our focus on employees and the responsibility everyone shares in the office and the field. Working together, you can protect your business from modern crimes, like social engineering. This post talks about Be Safe Online—a bundle of resources you can use to train employees on...Read more

We all make mistakes… 10 security don’ts to help you avoid big trouble 

  Welcome to Day 3 of Business Self-Defense from Microsoft Canada. Today, we focus on what you and your employees can do to help spot and avoid business disaster. Here are 10 don’ts to better safeguard your business. Typically, we only hear about infamous security breaches that happen to celebrities or attacks targeting global multi-national organizations. But...Read more

It only takes a click… the small business risk checklist 

Welcome to Day 2 of Business Self-Defense from Microsoft Canada! In this post, explore how small businesses can better assesses the risk(s) to them from criminal behaviour, include phishing and other cyber attacks. We discuss the scope of activities you need to consider and then provide a checklist you can follow....Read more

Watch it! Secure your devices before your data gets swiped 

Find out how to improve your device security on Day 1 of Business Self-Defense from Microsoft Canada! In support of Small Business Month this October, we’re publishing daily security tips designed to help owners and managers protect themselves from threats like trojans and breeches. This post explores why and how any business can improve their...Read more

vGIS, visualizing the invisible 

If you’re curious about how holograms and augmented reality get used in the real world, then keep reading! Launched in 2016, the revolutionary vGIS platform uses Microsoft HoloLens and augmented reality to reveal the location of infrastructure buried underground. Over 40 sites globally, including the City of Toronto and the City of Auburn, already use...Read more

Cinchy, the democratization of data 

Few startups have more transformative potential than Cinchy ( Founded in 2016, this Toronto-based technology company may well capture the imagination of the business world with its bold rethinking of the role of data in application development. By offering data-as-a-network, Cinchy radically changes the game—saving technology teams months of work and corporations hundreds of millions...Read more

Cloud DX, the startup warping us into a healthier future 

Anyone who thinks Canadian companies don’t innovate needs to discover Cloud DX. Founded in 2014, this remarkable startup has wowed the tech industry with its realization of a working medical tricorder device called the Vitaliti™. And that’s just one project this healthcare device manufacturer has on the go!...Read more

Igloo, rebooting the digital workplace 

Established in 2008 and powered in the Microsoft Cloud, Igloo Software ( is a SaaS company helping to redefine the modern digital workplace. Recognized in 2017 by Deloitte as one of the fastest-growing companies in North America for the third consecutive year in a row, the Igloo platform leverages the cloud to empower organizations across...Read more

Media Sonar, the startup pursuing freedom, safety, and security for all 

Born in the Microsoft Cloud in 2014, Media Sonar is a fast-growing Canadian big data company making the world around us safer. How? By giving safety and security professionals a powerful analytics platform that helps them improve public safety, provide humanitarian support, and proactively assist people. Modern safety Today’s public safety and security professionals need...Read more